Friday, 25.08.

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Name Duration Director Country
17:00 Panel discussions
18:00 Block 9
Foot Drop Drag4:36Nancy SnipperCanada
Suddenly4:43Silvano PlankItaly
Sculpting Vibration8:55Felippe MartinCanada
Synchrony7:57Julia Le Bras-Juarez, Emmie Marriere, Marianne Fourmanoit, Laura Techer, Louise-Marie Rousselie, Jean Delamarre, Alexis ProstFrance
The Poor Poet6:53Rodion LeschinaUkraine
Shakespeare In Smoke8:54Francesco CoccoSpain
19:00 Block 10
Migrating Birds8:55Felix ReineckerGermany
The Great Connection5:00Christen BachGermany
Born to Stay2:00Anahita Sahar BabaeiSweden
Dare0:31George LynchIreland
Family Vacation Photos4:30Joel BenjaminUnited States
Life6:54Muhammed Emin DemiralTurkey
La Casquette (the Hat)3:26Hadi MoussallyFrance
In Unison!2:20Camille De La PoëzeFrance
Action!1:07Arne KörnerGermany
FrauMannSchwanger1:33Kumaran HeroldGermany
Suitcase7:30Emily ReeveAustralia
20:00 Directors Block
Staging Death8:20Jan SoldatGermany
Birth of a Legend2:14Wilda WahnwitzGermany
Text Me When You Get Home Xx0:00Niklas BauerGermany
A Coal Diary7:00Adrianna WieczorekGermany
Concrete Rose4:34Marius KühlerGermany
The French Kingdom5:00Matthieu MoerlenFrance
Big Monster2:34Esther WeberGermany
Narcissus8:50Krzysztof PacewiczPoland
Fleeting Sunshine7:45Andrew KingstonIreland
Long Time No Techno3:44Eugenia BakurinGermany
Leidspeise7:04Merle StorkGermany