Ireland / 2022 / Comedy, Drama / 00:31 min

In a chilling scene that appears to depict a gruesome murder straight out of a slasher film, the narrative takes an unexpected turn as the events unfold in reverse. As the story rewinds, we witness the sequence of events leading back to their point of origin, revealing the truth behind the apparent horror. This narrative technique offers a fresh perspective, unraveling the mystery and shedding light on the true nature of the situation. Through this reversal of events, the audience is presented with a unique and captivating exploration of perception, deception, and the power of perspective.
Friday, 25.08. 19:00
Block 10

Film maker
George Lynch

George Lynch is an aspiring filmmaker who is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Screen Media at University College Cork. With a passion for filmmaking that started at a young age, George has been actively involved in the craft since he was thirteen years old. Throughout his secondary school years, George directed a series of remarkable short films that garnered recognition and acclaim. His dedication and talent were acknowledged through various awards and official selections in prestigious film festivals worldwide. These achievements highlight George's ability to create compelling and captivating stories that resonate with audiences. By enrolling in the Film and Screen Media program at University College Cork, George is further developing his skills and knowledge in the field of filmmaking. This educational journey provides him with a platform to refine his artistic vision and expand his understanding of the craft. With a promising trajectory and a proven track record of success, George Lynch is an emerging filmmaker with a bright future ahead. His passion, talent, and commitment to storytelling position him as a rising talent in the world of film.