Wednesday, 23.08.

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Name Duration Director Country
19:00 Dresden Filmfestival Partner Screening
Simo3:44Aziz ZorombaCanada
Sometimes I Don’t Know Where the Sun3:53Samantha AquilinoSwitzerland
Asterión5:19Francesco MontagnerSlovakia
The Debutante8:07Elizabeth HobbsUK
An Avocado Pit9:38Ary ZaraPortugal
20:00 Barrier Free Films
Völkerball 424:48Samuel HeiglGermany
The Best Filmmaker in the World3:08Michael J. HilliGermany
The Marketers4:28Joscha Michel SeehausenGermany
Leidspeise7:04Merle StorkGermany
و إذا؟ / Wa Iza?3:45Ali HalawiGermany
Done for the Day6:52Nicolas Schönberger, Thomas Hütte, Emanuel Ramin FunckGermany
Fantastically Real9:30Daniel Alfie Knußmann, Daniel SaxGermany
Sweet Freedom8:00Dominic WittrinGermany
In Times of Declining Expectations4:53Aart SteinmannGermany