Fantastically Real

Germany / 2023 / Comedy, Retro-future / 09:30 min

Step into the near future, where interpersonal relationships have become a lucrative service. Meet Frido, an employee of the agency "Traumhaft Echt" (Fantastically Real), where he temporarily fills the voids in people's lives as a husband, politician, or employee. As Frido seamlessly transitions from one role to another, we witness the repercussions that accompany this unique profession. Explore the profound consequences and complexities that arise from his job, offering a glimpse into a world where the boundaries of authenticity and connection are blurred.
Wednesday, 23.08. 20:00
Barrier Free Films

Film maker
Daniel Alfie Knußmann, Daniel Sax

Daniel Knußmann and Daniel Sax are a German directing duo that complements each other in the various departments of filmmaking to make their dream of honest and entertaining storytelling a reality. Because together you simply get further. Born in 1988, Daniel Sax decided to enroll in the interdisciplinary Media Management program at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain in 2007. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, he worked as an art director for audiovisual media. Since 2014 he works freelance and focuses on film production with the tasks of directing, camera, and editing. His portfolio ranges from commercials to documentary storytelling and short movies. Daniel Knußmann's environment became aware of his creative talent as a child. Parallel to school, he was allowed to draw with the students as a guest student at the FH Mainz in the field of illustration at the age of 15. During his studies of communication design at the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain his interest more and more circled around the topic of film. During his internship at KONTRASTFILM, he worked on ARTE television features and documentaries. He draws storyboards and is versatile in the art department. His projects range from commercials to music videos and edutainment formats to documentary storytelling. In 2018, Daniel Knußmann founded the filmmaker collective COOP. He lives in Zornheim near Mainz.