In Times of Declining Expectations

Germany / 2023 / Romance, Drama / 04:53 min

A moment that falls out of everyday life. A night spent together. The difficulty of allowing closeness. Welcome in Times of Declining Expectations.
Wednesday, 23.08. 20:00
Barrier Free Films

Film maker
Aart Steinmann

Aart Steinmann was born in Cologne on 11 September 1992. After graduating from school in 2012 he began assisting on various film productions and founded the online magazine "Brigant". In 2014, he moved to Karlsruhe to study media art with a focus on film at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung supervised by professors Razvan Radulescu and Andrej Ujica. After his pre-diploma at the HfG, he continued his film studies in 2016 at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. The basis of his work is the exploration of his own origins and the spaces that shaped and still shape them. His scripts were realized as part of educational productions at the DFFB and HfG Karlsruhe. In 2020 he documented the performance Dark Red of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. Currently Aart Steinmann is working on a science fiction series for Illuminar Motion Pictures (L.A.) and his debut film in collaboration with lichtfeldfilm (Berlin) for which he was nominated for the FIRST STEPS Screenplay Award in 2021.