Born to Stay

Sweden / 2022 / Fiction, Comedy, / 02:00 min

This fashion-art film is a dark comedy that serves as a poignant reflection on the self-destruction of humans in the name of modernism. Through its narrative, the film explores a superficial love affair between a carefree girl and a plastic lover, symbolizing the destructive relationship we have formed with plastic. The film draws attention to the irony that our initial intentions to utilize plastic as a means to conserve natural resources and protect humanity have backfired, leading to disastrous consequences. Ultimately, the film highlights the permanence of plastic in our lives, emphasizing that while it is "BORN TO STAY," its misuse and overconsumption may contribute to our downfall.
Friday, 25.08. 19:00
Block 10

Film maker
Anahita Sahar Babaei

Anahita Sahar Babaei is currently an artist with a background in philosophy with professional experience in film, fashion, and only recently in art. I find the human body a fascinating canvas for visualizing ideas- Mostly existential challenges and psychological paradoxes. recently my focus is on the self-destructive behavior of humans on the edge of the 6th mass extinction. I write and make art as I believe before every change firsts come to the imagination.