The Great Connection

Germany / 2022 / Animation / 05:00 min

As a fiber optic cable unexpectedly emerges at the depths of the ocean, mythological creatures congregate to discuss its implications. Contemplating the presence of this enigmatic object, they debate its potential as either a savior or a harbinger of sorrow. Will this technological marvel bring about positive change and progress, or will its piercing teeth only bring forth despair and destruction? Amidst their deliberations, the fate of their realm hangs in the balance, awaiting the resolution of this profound question.
Friday, 25.08. 19:00
Block 10

Film maker
Christen Bach

Christen Bach is a Danish audio-visual artist currently living in Berlin, Germany. His personal work mainly focuses on human behavior – often told through experimental or stylistic visuals – using the absurd or the surreal to highlight the emotional content and to put the reality of the themes into perspective.


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