Long Time No Techno

Germany / 2022 / Experimental / 03:44 min

The video showcases captivating moments of dance, utilizing footage from the historic Odesa Film Studio. With a rich cinematic heritage dating back to the Russian Empire, the studio holds nostalgic significance for millions who were shaped by the films produced there. Sadly, the current threat of destruction from the Russian army looms over not only the film studio but also numerous cultural monuments in Ukraine. Through the power of dance, the video highlights the beauty and resilience of Ukrainian culture, reminding us of the urgent need to protect and preserve these invaluable treasures.children's films of the 70s and 80s, which provide a glimpse into a carefree time of adventure, fantasy trips, and freedom. These scenes serve as illusions of a time that has since passed. Momen Shaweesh, a Syrian-Palestinian multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, incorporates his own war experiences into his music. He combines traditional oriental instruments such as the oud and kanun with techno beats and sounds of the new wave to create his unique style. The resulting video essay, set to Shaweesh's music, is a recollection of a bygone era. Bakurin appropriates Soviet film footage to reclaim a memory of a lost childhood of two belligerent countries. The Video invites viewers to look for their own recollections in the same footage, creating an act of collective remembrance in the process.
Friday, 25.08. 20:00
Directors Block

Film maker
Eugenia Bakurin

Eugenia Bakurin is a media artist, filmmaker, and lecturer for film and design in Kiel. She was born in 1987 in Tselinograd, USSR (today Astana) and belongs to the minority of Germans from Russia. She immigrated to Germany at the age of 15. Eugenia graduated from Kiel University (CAU) in art education and civic education. Afterward, she studied Fine Arts with a focus on Time-based Media at the Muthesius University of Art and Design. Eugenia is a winner of the Prize for the Promotion of Young Artists awarded by The Professional Association of Visual Artists Schleswig-Holstein (2020) and the Short Tiger Award 2023 by the German Federal Film Board. She was also nominated for the Andreas Prize of the Harz National Park (2020). She regularly participates in exhibitions, most recently at the media art festival LAB30 in Augsburg and the international art exhibition NordArt in Büdelsdorf. Besides her artistic work, she is actively involved in the film scene in Northern Germany. She is the executive manager of the Schleswig-Holstein Film Festival and a lecturer for film education at the Muthesius University of Art and Design in Kiel, Germany.