Germany / 2023 / Drama / 07:04 min

Mara, who is pregnant, becomes convinced that her husband Kai is hiding something from her. Driven by her suspicions, she embarks on a quest to uncover the truth. However, as she delves deeper into the matter, the situation takes unexpected and increasingly intense turns. Tensions escalate, unraveling a web of secrets and uncertainties that test the foundations of their relationship. This gripping narrative explores the complexities of trust, communication, and the profound impact of hidden truths on the dynamics of a marriage. Mara's pursuit for answers leads her down a tumultuous path, ultimately raising profound questions about love, loyalty, and the challenges of navigating the unknown.
Friday, 25.08. 20:00
Directors Block

Film maker
Merle Stork

Born in 2000, Merle developed an early fascination with storytelling and complex characters. In 2022, Merle wrote and directed her first short film, titled "Leidspeise." The debut project showcases her ability to inspire and provoke thought through storytelling.


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