Shakespeare In Smoke

Spain / 2023 / Drama, Comedy, Work, Youth / 08:54 min

A cigarette break taken during office hours unexpectedly transforms into a captivating journey through past, present, and future dreams.
Friday, 25.08. 18:00
Block 9

Film maker
Francesco Cocco

Francesco Cocco, born 21.05.1978 in Nuoro, Italy, began his film training at the Irish Film Academy in Dublin and then attended the Metropolis c.e. Film School in Madrid. He writes, directs, and produces his first short films in Ireland before moving to Madrid where he continues to work as a director, screenwriter, and lecturer in film acting. His short films have been selected and awarded at more than a hundred major festivals worldwide, including being shortlisted for the prestigious David Di Donatello Award given by the Italian Film Academy for his short film "Soap and Water". He is currently involved in the preparation of several feature film projects and television series in Italy and Spain and teaches acting for film and television at the Estudio V school (Madrid). "Shakespeare In Smoke" is his fifth short film as a director, after "Soap and Water" (2018), "Ladybug" (2016), "It Rains" (2015), and "Purple" (2014).