The Poor Poet

Ukraine / 2022 / Drama / 06:53 min

The short film "The Poor Poet" draws inspiration from Carl Spitzweg's painting of the same name, but takes a distinct approach compared to the critics' interpretations. In this film, the aging poet's struggle to focus on his writing stems from his frustration with the mundane aspects of daily life. Instead, he immerses himself in the rhythmic world of poetry, finding solace and purpose within its verses. However, it is through the realization that great works of art can be born from life's hardships that he discovers a newfound wellspring of inspiration. This revelation transforms his art and existence into a boundless source of inner harmony and meaning. The film offers a fresh perspective on the interplay between art and life, highlighting the profound connection between the two.
Friday, 25.08. 18:00
Block 9

Film maker
Rodion Leschina

Rodion Leschina is a director and scriptwriter that currently lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is now a student at National I. K. Karpenko-kary Theatre, Cinema, and Television University and is set to graduate in late 2023. Rodion has scored an A or a B grade in every film-related class, and he has earned himself several university scholarships for his outstanding student work. At the moment, he is still shooting short films in Ukraine.