In Unison!

France / 2022 / Comedy, Drama / 02:20 min

Meet Anne Gaudin, a driven and ambitious young politician who stops at nothing to secure as many votes as possible. With her sights set on becoming the first female president of France, Anne is willing to employ any means necessary to achieve her dream. While she may be viewed by some as a self-absorbed individual, her determination and opportunistic nature propel her forward in the world of politics.
Friday, 25.08. 19:00
Block 10

Film maker
Camille De La Poëze

Camille is a multi-talented individual, excelling as an actress, author, and director. After completing her studies in theater, she embarked on a journey of performing in various plays and short films. Eager to explore new avenues, Camille co-created the YouTube channel "La Douche" in collaboration with the esteemed talent incubator, Golden Moustache. Together with her friend Aude Gignac, Camille channels her creative energy into writing and directing short films, crafting content that is both humorous and socially conscious. Additionally, Camille also showcases her prowess as a solo writer. In 2022, her short film "In unison!" emerged as a finalist in the prestigious Nikon Film Festival. The film has garnered further recognition by being selected for broadcast on the media platform BrutX. Moreover, the Short Film Agency has acquired the rights to showcase "In unison!" in cinemas preceding other films starting from January 2023. Camille's artistic endeavors exemplify her dedication to storytelling, blending elements of comedy and social commentary to captivate audiences. Her talent and achievements in the realm of film continue to flourish, promising a bright future filled with compelling and thought-provoking works.