At the heart of the latest video installation is a nostalgic echo of the past: an impressive array of old tube televisions. This carefully assembled collection uses analogue video technology not only to pay homage to times gone by, but also to explore and challenge the limits of this medium. Through the deliberate use of distortion, viewers are invited to question the familiar representation of images and reconsider their own role in the ever-changing context of media and technology.

Each wave of distortion on the screens is both an artistic statement and a technical masterpiece, highlighting the interplay between old and new. This installation reminds us that even in an age of digital dominance, the raw, imperfect qualities of the analogue are still captivating and relevant. It challenges us to find and reinterpret the beauty in the obsolete. It is a visual feast that combines the sensuality and texture of times past with the complexity of video art today.

The exhibition can be visited during the film screenings and during the breaks in the Stadthalle. The exhibition is located in the foyer (entrance).


  • Friday  (24.8.)  17:00 – 22:00 @Stadthalle Detmold
  • Saturday  (25.8.)  15:00 – 22:00 @Stadthalle Detmold