Special Block: Dresden Filmfest

The Filmfest Dresden is a renowned event that has been bringing together passionate filmmakers and enthusiasts from all over the world since 1989. It celebrates the diversity and creativity of short film in all its facets. With a rich spectrum of international contributions, the festival offers a window on global narratives and cultural perspectives. Here you will experience films that provoke, inspire and constantly redefine the boundaries of cinematic art.

Filmfest Dresden is intensely committed to inclusion and accessibility in the art of film. Their accessible programmes are carefully curated to ensure that every film can be experienced by all. With subtitles for the hearing impaired, audio descriptions for the visually impaired and other supportive services, the film experience is enriched for every visitor.

We are pleased to present a selection of 5 films here at the International Short Film Festival. Click on the title of the film or have a look at our programme for details of each film.