Sculpture Installation

Beyond The Mirror

Eren Erkan’s “Beyond The Mirror” is the result of a psychological test that reveals a physical and abstract meaning, along with small hints and ways of perceiving about the person that is experiencing it at the time and at the end of the test, the individual that is experiencing it will be able to understand the thought process of the Artificial Intelligence. Erkan’s installation is an experimentative and interactive project that aims to give each member of the audience a unique experience and perception about themselves that they can’t possibly see in front of an ordinary mirror. Being influenced by a psychological test called “The Cube Test” by Jessica Wilson, the artist personalizes the Artificial Intelligence figure behind the barrier of mirrors, using it as the subject.


He was born in 1996 in Ardahan. He started tattooing at the age of 13 and on the occasion of this, he started the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University.

Having lost his interest in tattooing after meeting the sculpture, the artist began to focus on performance and interactive works. Examining social and ecological problems, the artist believes that what will save the world one day is an idea waiting to be created.