Video Mapping, Text, Sound Installation

Theory of Everything

Etem Serkan Sökmen and İlke Köse are presenting “Theory of Everything”; working with AI to create a dialogue between humans and machines in their 2 years old project. While aiming to explore new avenues in using machine intelligence as a tool for creating new kinds of aesthetic experiences, and experimenting to understand how machines see us and how we can use this information in our own creative processes, using our system for generating artworks and text as a tool for creating a visual story.


While studying Economics at Hacettepe University, he did personal and commercial studies with his interest in 3D modelling, animation and computer programming. Later, he left the department to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He completed his sculpture education with the highest degree and after that worked as a Research Assistant. During this period, he worked on his master’s thesis on human-machine interaction, algorithms and new media by adding tools from his past to his artistic works. He became a trainer and participant in national and international workshops, festivals and collective exhibitions with his works. He continues his journey by learning new tools, experimenting and applying them to his ideas.

After graduating from the sound engineering department at Galatasaray İTM Academy. She researched science-art-psychology interactions and received short-term script training. During this period she worked in various studios and live performance teams. In 2012, she took a break from music and became interested in the fields of digital arts and artificial intelligence, and tried to devise ideas on the relationship between artificial intelligence and art. She took part in the film and advertising teams. Currently she works on visual and artificial intelligence in live performances.