Zusammen Betrunken

Drunk Together

Germany / 2021 / Music Video / 00:02:49min

What's to expect from a music video for an oldschool punk band featuring the song called Drunk Together? Dumb jokes, being baked and loaded, a punk chick brawling into the microphone, a big loud party, angry neighbours and the destruction of the whole place. Inspired by Fleischer animation, this music video shows of a huge amount of fun and crudeness, rounded up by a bunch of weird characters.
Friday 22.10. 20:00
Music Block

Film maker
Martin Fischer

Martin Fischer & Nico Dörle started working together in mid 2017, initially coming together to produce commercial explainer videos, illustrations and logo animations. Martin, professional ex-musician, locally renowned illustrator & artist and Nico, freshly graduated graphic designer and self-taught animator, worked together, besides the commercial work, on a animated music video for a mutual friend and artist. The work of OVERTOON Studios is dark, blunt and self-mocking.