Zeit! Zeit! Zeit!

Time! Time! Time!

China / 2018 / Experimental / 00:02:02min

The intangible concept of time could finally be within one's grasp when a philosophy professor gives a crude speech about Bill Viola's works. Time! Time! Time !, a short animation with the recording of speech as the soundtrack instead of making fun of it, seeks to find out what really goes on when people try to explain something beyond human cognition, like time.
Sunday 24.10. 16:00

Film maker
Haomin Peng

Haomin Peng (1996, Guangzhou, China) is an artist who mainly works with media art, including videos, animations, films, and new media. Seeing time as the most foundational element, he attempts to make artworks that question human experience and cognition on moving images and uses time-based media to confront mortality and individuality.