Sei Nicht Beschämt, Schäme Dich Stattdessen

Don't Be Ashamed, Shame Instead

India / 2020 / Experimental / 00:02:40min

From sexual assault to brutal rape and murder, the crimes against women have only gone up in the 21st century. Cases of sexual harassment, eve-teasing etc. often go unreported and unpunished as victims are reluctant to come forward because the shame associated with such incidents is always heaped on women only. The protagonist of the film, a woman, decides to pay the offender back in the same coin.
Sunday 24.10. 16:00

Film maker
Pramod Singh

Born and brought up in the desert state of Rajasthan, where good education is the only ticket to success, Pramod Singh started off well academically, but later his focus shifted to literature and theatre. After writing for TV for more than a decade, He started pursuing films seriously.


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