Outdoor installation

Inviting abandonment

The installation is intended to temporarily break up the normality of the use of space. It irritates and invites an examination of public space.
The overgrown, seemingly abandoned trailer illustrates the cycles of life, with many endings that are already beginnings again. The interior of the object remains hidden from the outside world. It not only leads the viewer into an exciting, wild and alien world, but also symbolises the close interweaving of urban and wild nature. The trailer, which in itself offers many possible associations – time out, departure, holiday, new beginning, journey, nomadism, confined space – becomes in its overgrown form at the same time a projection surface for completely new associations – end times, transience, wilderness, tranquillity, experience of nature, reflection – which interweave almost naturally in view of the object.
The installation becomes a meeting place, a point of attraction. It invites us to compare and discuss our ideas of togetherness.


Monika Möller completed her training as a wood sculptor in Gütersloh. She works artistically in the fields of sculpture, object and installation. Influenced by exchange and assistance projects with artists and sculptors in Switzerland, she devotes herself intensively to the examination of stone as a material. Today, the artist lives and works in Detmold.

In her space-related works, she prefers crusty slabs of Anröchter dolomite, but also plant parts and wood as well as various other materials. The installations constructed for public spaces (some of them temporary) refer to the architecture and landscape of the respective exhibition site. Thematically, the works deal with inside and outside. They are realised and constructed from individual elements. The layered materiality and its effect are related to the form of the object.