Art Exhibition

In the name of Peace

“I have been turning my back on attribution of adjectives to “things” rather than their own characteristics and constructing my own reality by using everything in the outer world perceived by my inner world with the help of colours and discolours. The myths, i use that humanity has produced functionally from primitive ages to the present are an expression of it’s ability to base natural events on a rational basis not only to comprehend extraordinary phenomena, but also include the sanctification of culturally meaningful objects in nature from a “fetishist-aminist” point of view.”


Having graduated from Radiology Department of Hacettepe University, İlknur Tunalı worked in healthcare field. Her anatomy literacy has been a major advantage in her art. She started painting lessons in the workshop of Ali Rıza Kırkan who was an academician at Dokuz Eylül University and a painter as well. In the beginning, she was impressed by the impressionism. She drew oil on- canvas painting. She started to create works of art based on her emotions and thoughts aroused by her observations, and brought her subjectivity into the forefront through pushing realism and objectivity into the background. Thus, she avoided direct transference of the reality. She took part in group exhibitions. Her paintings were featured in Psikeart.
Meanwhile, she graduated from Department of Philosophy and Department of Political Science and Public Administration of Anadolu University. As part of her professional higher education, she graduated from Immediate Aid & Disaster Management programme of İstanbul University.
Through her works, she individuated her colours and drawing techniques over the years. Orange and blue have been predominant colours in her paintings. For her, the preference of two colours is a manifestation of two polars in her; harmony and tension. She has been working on canvas and drawing paper by using acrylic.
She is happy to have her first solo exhibition under the auspices of Detmold ISFF