Sculpture Installation


With “Fragile”, Sedef İbrahim reminds us that the appearances of things or things as they appear in our experience are the “phenomenons”, addressing the meaning of our perceptions in our lives; a complex account of temporal awareness within the stream of consciousness, spatial awareness, attention, awareness of one’s own experience, the self in different roles, awareness of other people, social interaction and everyday activity in our surrounding world. Conventional wisdom has it that we today sleep in the “post-truth” world where belief is more compelling than reality. In Ibrahim’s work, she brings us a piece of art that nullifies our perspective in what we expect, or “should”. She intends to break the expectations of the people by giving them the visual fragments of something that is constantly changing and can’t remain the same, or evolve in a consistent and/or manipulative way as a phenomenon. The audience will be able to encounter the interior surface -consisting of mirrors- of the artwork, and observe themselves in many fragments, indicating that the idea of “self” isn’t a singular or permanent one.


Born in 2000, Sedef Ibrahim started her journey in visual arts at the age of 7. Later on, she started studying in Mimar Sinan High School of Fine Arts. Soon after her graduation, she decided to take some time for herself and her artistic journey, before committing herself to another academic institution. She became a self taught tattoo artist. While working on an artwork, or even experiencing another, her focus is on the uniqueness of the experience that is being presented by the artist. Coming to ISFF 2021 Detmold, she aims to transmit her own experiences and perception on life and art, into an experience to be received or not received by the audience.