Corruption on Earth

Germany / 2022 / Comedy, Drama / 09:00 min

"Corruption on Earth" is a thought-provoking film that depicts a fictional award ceremony honoring the "Best Regime in the World," which is awarded to Iran. The film showcases the political and social accomplishments of Iran's leadership through a glowing tribute. However, during an impassioned acceptance speech, Iran's supreme political leader, Ali Khamenei, deviates from the script to delve into the specific achievements of his regime. The film cleverly intertwines fictional footage with real-life cellphone recordings from ongoing protests in Iran, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. The intention is to evoke an emotional whirlwind within viewers, challenging their perceptions and leaving them in a state of introspection.
Thursday, 24.08. 19:00
Barrierfree Films with Q&As

Film maker
Omid Mirnour

I am a German-Iranian filmmaker from Berlin working in different genres such as fictional series, documentaries, music videos, or commercials. I have always been interested in drawing attention to social issues and being a voice for unheard voices. These are the projects I am most passionate about. In my opinion, far too few filmmakers use their skills to draw attention to such issues. My very first film project in my life was a series of interviews with homeless people from Berlin who told me about their life on the streets. There I taught myself how to film and edit and learned more about filmmaking video by video. Later, I concentrated only on directing and producing films. Filmmaking is my personal outlet to filter my emotions. I love to create my own worlds and tell my own stories.