Why do we love short films?

Cinema is the seventh and the last kind of art and has begun with short films. Formerly people told themselves stories. Since 2500 years they are shown us - in the theater, paintings & sculpting, music, dancing, literature, architecture and in cinema. They are everywhere and for everyone in the atmosphere – as it were we have inhaled them. Short films give us the possibility to recognize all kinds of the structures that we met. Every filmmaker has got his own aura, his own way to show us what is need to shown. So let’s enjoy that at least some of them mirror us. That’s our story and we were not happy, if we wouldn’t have one.

Submit your shortfilm

Since 13 years we are celebrating our ISFF in Detmold at the Hangar 21. 13 years of short films, music, arts and much more.
You have pictures, streetart, images, sculptures that you want to show to an audience? when write us an email, we are looking for some art that will be presented in the area of the Hangar 21 during the ISFF

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