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International Short Film Festival Detmold

Our Festival is dedicated to high-quality films by innovative filmmakers from all around the world. The festival focuses more on non-commercial short films. In addition to documentary films, animated and feature films, as well as experimental films, will be presented. From big premieres to the first work of young talents everything is represented. More than 3,000 short film submissions come from around 70 countries each year. In addition to the short films, there will be numerous highlights of art and music during the festival. Various artists will present their artistic works in Hangar 21. During the festival, a workshop will be held where teens learn to shoot their own short film. The festival will feature different cultural and artistic events & meetings as well as festival performances in the Hangar 21's various halls. These events include interviews, podium discussions, photography, paintings and sculptures exhibitions, video installations, happenings, performances, sound, light, water, lasers, music shows and cocktails. Every year, ISFF Detmold cooperates with the schools and a selection of children's films is presented. The festival takes place in the presence of the city mayor in the 22,000m2 Hangar 21, which is known for its prestigious and important cultural and artistic activities.

Looking for art, exhibitions, music & co

Do you have pictures, streetart, images, sculptures that you want to show to an audience in the area of the Hangar 21 during the 15th ISFF Detmold? If you are interested please write us an eMail to

15 years of International Short Film Festival

2019 the ISFF will be in the 15th edition! Yeah! 15 years of International Short Film Festival - thats a reason to celebrate! We show short films from all over the world in Hangar 21, Detmold. The programm is accompanied by video mappings, art installations, concerts and workshops. We are glad to welcome a great number of international filmmakers and artists. A bunch of spectacles are waiting for you!

Thank you for 2018!

We had a really delightful festival with lots of brilliant short films, interesting art and great guests. A big thank to all of the filmmakers around the whole world for over 3.000 films, which were sent to Detmold. 6 months long we were watching, watching, watching. All films have been beautiful, but in 3 days we can't show all of your films. We are very sad that we can't show all of them. Thank you for all the lovely films.

Why do we love short films?

Cinema is the seventh and the last kind of art and has begun with short films. Formerly people told themselves stories. Since 2500 years they are shown us - in the theater, paintings & sculpturing, music, dancing, literature, architecture and in cinema. They are everywhere and for everyone in the atmosphere – as we would have inhaled them. Short films give us the possibility to recognize all kinds of structures we met. Every filmmaker has got his own aura, his own way to show us what is need to be shown. So let’s enjoy that at least some of them mirror us. That’s our story and we were not happy, if we wouldn’t have one.

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