Das Leben Eines Hundeführers

A Dog Walker's Life

Vietnam / 2018 / Mockumentary / 00:05:09min

A dog walker’s life is the story of a traditional middle-aged dog-walker. He’s a man with great love and passion for dogs. However, his career is being threatened by the appearance of a new technology – Udog – a phone application that helps connecting dog owners and dog walkers who work for Udog.
Saturday 23.10. 16:00
In your eyes

Film maker
Bico FGS

My name is Huynh Anh Duy (BicoFGS). I started making films the day my dad gave me his handy camera. I've been studying to tell good stories throughout the years, via films, books, schools, internet, travel, and my own films. I'm working as a commercial director for living, and making independent short films for my true passion.


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