Und haben Frauen Werkzeuge hergestellt?

And Did Women Made Tools?

Spain / 2020 / Documentary / 00:03:35min

Miquel Guardiola, IPHES socialization technician and archaeologist specialized in lithic technology, explains the designation of gender roles in the Neolithic as a result of a male perspective on history. At the same time, he demonstrates Neolithic manufacturing techniques.
Saturday 23.10. 16:00
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Film maker
Anna Soler Cepriá

Anna Soler Cepriá was born in Castellón, Spain and graduated from the Escuela Superior de Fotografía e Imagen de Valencia, Spain. Based in Morelia and Mexico DF, Mexico, since 1999 she co-founded the school of photography “Fábrica de Imágenes” in Morelia in 2000. Her art production is ever-moving, prolific, poliedric. She works with direct or constructed photography, be it fixed or motion.


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