Leben 21- Eine Mutter im 21. Jahundert

Life 21 – A Mother in the 21st Century

Germany / 2021 / Documentary / 00:05:00min

The short documentary "Life 21" shows a day in a mother's life in the 21st century. To be more precise, in the year 2021. She is a working nurse, has a 16-month-old daughter, and runs a successful YouTube channel in her little spare time. Filmmaker Maximilian E. Auer shot this documentary short film in "direct cinema" style, deliberately avoiding explanations and interviews.
Sunday 24.10. 16:00

Film maker
Maximilian Auer

My name is Maximilian Auer.I shoot videos and films worldwide for the internet, television, and cinema. My previous work includes a cinema documentary, various music videos, concert recordings, advertising videos, corporate videos, YouTube videos, real estate videos and the digitization/restoration of historical recordings.