Pop n Opossum

Pop N Possum

Australia / 2020 / Children / 00:07:20min

In an act of carelessness a possum loses its home and decides the house of an old man is where it wants to live. Despite several sneaky attempts to get inside, it’s multiple attempts are foiled by the old man. Finally, one day the Possum finally makes it inside the house and is discovered by the old man.
Sunday 24.10. 14:00

Film maker
Christian Staats, Aminah A Malek

Christian Staats is an animation student at QUT directing a 3D animated film called Pop n Possum. He is from Australia.He works as a part-time tutor in QUT (Queensland University of Technology). Aminah A Malek is the Co-Director of Pop n Possum. Also an Artist & 3D animator in Brisbane. Aminah A Malek studied animation in QUT.