Winter Colours

Germany / 2020 / Animation / 00:09:20min

A woman tells a story of her childhood. She lives with her father in a Polish industrial city Katowice, where black snowfalls. Her mother doesn't live with them anymore, and her father repressed the painful memory. The child doesn't want to forget and uses their imagination to seek the truth about the past.
Sunday 24.10. 12:00
BarrierFree 1 & 3

Film maker
Adrianna Wieczorek

Born in 1995 in Myslowice, Poland. She began 2014 studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, where she made 2 animation shorts and worked on many fellow students projects as an animator. She ended her studies in 2020 and works now as a freelancer in an animation field and develops a script for her new movie. In her works she focuses on family relations and generational issues.


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