Randale - Kino

Randale - Kino

Germany / 2021 / Action / 00:04:22min

For the place we miss so much right now. No, not the school, the gym, the pool, the museum, the mall, the office, ... we miss those too, but not quite as much as the movie theater. Yeah! We hope we can beam you into your favorite movie theater with this song (can you smell the popcorn, & the soda?) and shorten the time until we can all sit in our big fat plush chairs again. Stay healthy!
Friday 22.10. 15:00
Block 1 & 2

Film maker
Thomas Theo Hofmann

Rioters make rock music for children. Actually, even rock music for the whole family. Sometimes even for people who have no children. At least not of their own. The Hofmann Film family has been making films for a long time. First without, then with the children and now with many friends and almost always with the neighbor. They are at home in virtually all film genres or at least work on them.


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