Der Geier

The Vulture

Argentina / 2021 / Fiction / 00:02:36min

Around 1917 Kafka wrote a note in his diary: "Somebody pulled my clothes, but I shook him off." In his short story "The vulture", some years later, fate looks inevitable, and it is not possible to escape from the torment. A vulture hacks the feet of the main character, who resigned, passively accepts this unavoidable destiny.
Saturday 23.10. 22:00
We Are Bad Heroes - Directors Lounge & Short film night

Film maker
Santiago Colombo Migliorero

Visual and audiovisual artist. Since 2012 he has exhibited his artworks in many collective and individual exhibitions in Latin America and Europe, such as BAFICI, FIVA, Proyector, INVE, Turku Animation Festival, Video Babel. His artistic works have been awarded in Argentina and Brazil.