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Sometimes It's Just Not Your Day

Germany / 2020 / Documentary / 00:01:34min

"The best stories are already out there. You just need to find them." The voiceover recalls an incident initially told by Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski. Juxtaposed with visuals shot around the artist's home, the female narrator unveils new meanings in the gruesome story, while the visuals give rise to questions about guilt, repentance, and the possibility of absolution.
Saturday 23.10. 22:00
We Are Bad Heroes - Directors Lounge & Short film night

Film maker
Naama Freedman

Naama Freedman is an Israeli artist, musician, performer, and DJ who lives in Hamburg. Naama was also trained in various dances. She appears as an actress and singer in various stage productions in Germany and Israel, ranging from musicals and orchestral concerts to experimental stage and performance art.


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