Japan / 2020 / Drama / 00:09:59min

Sgt. Subaru Moritani (Waki Katakura) is a detective chasing the criminal who killed her father while also a Police Officer. 10 years after his death, Subaru waits for her best friend, Nanayo Ohmori (Mika Toyama), at the bar where his father's former buddy Kenzo Deme (Hitomi Matsuda) opened after his retirement...
Saturday 23.10. 22:00
We Are Bad Heroes - Directors Lounge & Short film night

Film maker
Keishi Suenaga

Keishi Suenaga Date of Birth: 11-Oct-1976 Keishi Suenaga is a Japanese Independent Film Director/Producer/Writer. After working in a record store following graduation from high school, he worked in South Korea from 2000 to 2003 and worked in China from 2003 to 2006. While working at Japan Post in 2011, he established Starsea Films Production, an independent movie production group.