Du kannst nicht mehr Burgen

You Can't Castle Anymore

Switzerland / 2021 / Comedy / 00:03:14min

Joe and Tom are comfortably playing chess in their living room. Meanwhile, an argument breaks out between a father and daughter in the upstairs apartment. As they play their moves, the argument upstairs changes. Joe and Tom are suddenly no longer sure whether and what influence their game has on the course of the dispute in the upstairs apartment.
Saturday 23.10. 22:00
We Are Bad Heroes - Directors Lounge & Short film night

Film maker
Martina Hitz

Martina Hitz was born in Wädenswil in 1996. What began as a hobby developed into a passion. With the first digital camera of her own came an interest in photography and filming. Watching films was no longer just a pastime. She analyzed various works in terms of story, acting, and camera work, intending to create her own.


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