Germany / 2021 / Experimental / 00:02:00min

We humans have long been enforcing the so-called "new normal," and "new reality" on other creatures… With the drastic outcomes of climate change and the realization of the destruction of this planet, did the uninvited and unwanted guest 'Covid-19' democratize the situation in an unexpected way for all creatures of the planet?
Saturday 23.10. 22:00
We Are Bad Heroes - Directors Lounge & Short film night

Film maker
Derya Durmaz

Her first short film, "Ziazan," participated in over 40 international festivals, won 11 prizes and was featured extensively by the Washington Post and Monocle magazine. Her second short film, "Mother Virgin No More (Gri Bölge)," premiered at the 65th Berlinale Generation 14plus short film competition and took part in over 25 international festivals.


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