Kunst Insallation

Faden Gänge

Christa Fuhrmann’s artistic guideline is the textile. With her works, she tells about her ideas and experiences. Her thought processes are FADENGÄNGE.
According to a fairy tale from Liberia, “How the blue came to the people”, a long time ago the sky spread out just above the heads of the people. They could reach into the blue and take of it as nourishment for the soul. But before the sky was lifted by God into the infinite heights, a spirit showed them how they could use the blue of the indigo plant to dye their clothes and thus somewhat satisfy their longing for the blue of the sky.
For her installation “Indigos”, Christa Fuhrmann dyes cotton cloths with indigo, which have previously been processed in the Japanese reservation technique shibori. The result is bizarre shapes in an irregular blue and white stripe pattern that dance in a cloud before the viewer’s eyes in a light breeze.


For Christa Fuhrmann, working with textile materials is at the centre of her art. Textile material, however, is – contrary to common belief – not only fabric, yarn and ribbons, but everything that can be regarded as thread or fibre material.
She is particularly fascinated by the contrast and interplay between natural fibres and artificial industrial “thread material”.
The technical basis of her working method and her art are traditional handicraft techniques such as weaving, embroidery, knitting, felting and papermaking.

More information on Christa Fuhrmann at: www.christa-fuhrmann-fadengaenge.de