Kara Delik - Strange Attractor

Germany / 2023 / Music Video / 05:00 min

Over the course of one long night, three musicians get stuck on different loops in which they search for each other but never really make it. A film by Juli Wycisk for the Berlin 'Anatolian post-punk' band Kara Delik and their release „Strange Attractor“.
Monday, 21.08. 20:00
Music Block

Film maker
Juli Wycisk

Juli Wycisk is a freelance filmmaker and artist born in the 90s Saxony. In her practice, Juli Wycisk engages with issues of precarity and economics, body politics and friendship exploring feminism, fear, humor and pop culture. She mainly works with real-life stories from the news, collaborators and interviews and aims to create cinematically staged film projects that communicate a sensual experience of space and temporality. Besides currently studying Cinematography at Filmarche Berlin she participates and initiates documentary/music/theatre and feature films as a cinematographer, author, director, video artist and editor. Since 2021 Juli is working as a freelance media coordinator for the collectively run Berliner Ringtheater.