Lights on Fire

Sweden / 2023 / Pixel-animated Sci-fi Music Video / 03:27 min

Lights on Fire is a pixel-animated Sci-Fi music video about Stella, a young girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut and exploring the galaxy.
Monday, 21.08. 20:00
Music Block

Film maker
Arthur Izakowicz

Arthur Izakowicz kickstarted his filmmaking career at the age of 11 with his debut picture “The Murder Mystery”, starring his 4-year-old sister. After receiving rave reviews from his mother, Arthur knew he had found his calling in life. Some years later, he applied and got accepted to the prestigious Polish National Film School in Łódź, where he obtained his Master’s in Cinematography. Being a classically trained pianist, Arthur truly understands rhythm and pacing, which is very evident in his films. He has an intuitive and authentic approach to storytelling in combination with a very strong visual eye. In his spare time, Arthur considers himself being a professional amateur chef, and he is best known for his signature dish “Monster Stroganoff” ($45).