Germany / 2021 / Animation / 05:50 min

"U-Trip" is an animated film that takes viewers on a journey through a day in Berlin's bustling U-Bahn metro system. From the early morning hours to the bustling rush hour, the film captures the diverse characters and interactions that unfold within the train cars and stations. As the U-Bahn travels underground, it creates a unique world of its own, filled with moments of isolation and subterranean atmosphere. The title "U-Trip" holds multiple meanings, symbolizing both the underground nature of the subway and the exploration of the subconscious and vibrant nightlife of Berlin. With its captivating visuals and intertwining stories, the film invites audiences to experience the rhythmic pulse of the city's underground realm.
Saturday, 26.08. 20:00
Directors' Night

Film maker
Maria Naidyonova

Maria Naidyonova Born in Kiev, Ukraine Lives and works in Berlin, Germany Education 2018 – 2019 Kunsthochschule Weissensee – Meisterschuelerin of Free Arts/Painting, prof. Pia Linz (Berlin, DE) 2014 – 2018 Kunsthochschule Weissensee – Graduate of the Free Arts/Painting Department (Berlin, DE) 2009 – 2011 National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture – Specialist of Painting (Kiev, UA) 2002 – 2007 National University of Ukraine „Kiev Polytechnic Institute“ – Bachelor of Arts (UA) 2002 – 2007 Kiev National University of Economics – Master of International Economy & Management (UA) Selected Prizes 2020 Award winner at the Festival of Animation Berlin (FAB Spaeti Award), DE 2019 Award winner of the “Kunstpreis Brandenburg” (II Place), Wildau, DE Selected Film Festivals 2022 "U-Trip" (direction & animation) 34 Filmfest Dresden, DE 2022 "U-Trip", 17th Athens Animfest, GR 2020 “Greedy Grandpa” (direction & animation), Festival of Animation Berlin, DE 2020 “Greedy Grandpa”, Digital Fairy Tales “Obvious Surprise”, Digital Art and Film Festival, Online screening 2020 “The Shadow of the Sun” (direction & animation), Digital Fairy Tales “Dark Nights & Black Cats”, Digital Art and Film Festival, Manhattan Bridge, NYC, USA 2019 “The Shadow of the Sun”, Mitte Media Festival, Berlin, DE 2019 “The Shadow of the Sun”, Digital Fairy Tales at Elizabeth Street Garden, Manhattan, NYC, USA 2019 “Holiday Dumbo” (direction & animation), film for the 10th Anniversary of Manhattan Bridge Archway, Brooklyn, NYC, USA 2019 “The Shadow of the Sun”, FLUCA-Austrian Cultural Pavilion, Plovdiv, BG 2019 “Pieces” (direction & animation), Digital Fairy Tales "Vengeance is Mine", Digital Art and Film Festival, Berlin/NYC, DE/USA 2019 “Pieces”, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Videos from LKC Collection, Essen, DE 2018 “Black Cat” (direction & animation), Light Year “Ephemeral Movements”, Digital Art and Media Festival, Manhattan Bridge, NYC, USA Other Films: 2021 U-Trip 2020 Scrapyard 2019 Drawing Class 2019 Dumbo https://www.marianaidyonova.com/animations