The Lost Years

Germany / 2023 / Speculative Documentary / 05:22 min

"The Lost Years" is a captivating documentary set in the Alpi Orobie mountains of Bergamo, Italy. It follows a new character who raises intriguing questions about the region and its inhabitants during the low tourist season. Filmed over a 5-day trek, the film combines self-fiction and dance to explore humanity's relationship with the mountain as a physical entity and an idea. Through conversations with fellow walkers, it reflects on the decline of modernity and the transition to a posthumanist paradigm. With stunning visuals and introspective narratives, "The Lost Years" invites viewers to ponder our connection with the natural world.
Saturday, 26.08. 20:00
Directors' Night

Film maker
Marcos Zoe Nacar

Marcos Nacar is a Catalan video and performance artist, and independent researcher based in Berlin. In 2021 he received the “special initial grant” from Akademie der Künste to support his artistic research (I don’t know Carmen). The work has also been recently selected for a one-month residency in the frame of the residency program “Made in Berlin”, Lake Studios, Berlin. Nacar just ended his first solo video dance project: The lost years. In 2019 founded together with Matilde Bassetti the collective Nomellores, created the pieces: Tierra Trazada (Natures 20’, Barcelona); Sotto il ponte che pugnala la Sicilia (Landscape, Sicily, 2020) and Wish you were here (Studio Alta, Prague, 2019). He has worked as a dancer and performer for Diego Agulló, Moritz Majce and Sigal Zouk, Micha Pürucker, Omer Krieger, Darius Dolatyari, Rike Flämig, Sasha Amaya, Ramón Colomina, and Montse Colomé among others. He has presented his own work and performed for other choreographers in venues and festivals such as Kulturhaus Bethanien, Maxim Gorki Theater, Schwere Reiter, Kunstencentrum BUDA, M - Museum Leuven, Festival la Merçe, Festival Natures’. He is part of the collective in an instant, a dance and poetry improvisation group that has performed more than 20 times in different contexts in Berlin, including the Performing arts festival. He is a founder member and writer of “Zinecolectivo”. Magazine and artists collective based in Berlin, since 2018 Zine, organizes cultural events and publications for the Spanish-speaking community of Berlin. From 2015 until 2018 he worked as a performer for the social theater company, Impactat Theatre, following the work of Augusto Boalt, theater of the Oppressed. He has worked as a law consultant for the foundation Ambit prevenció, Barcelona, offering legal support to sex workers and in the law firm Elna advocades, Barcelona, dealing with cases of family law and penal law (specifically gender violence). He holds a bachelor in law from the University of Barcelona, focusing on the philosophy of law, bioethics, and gender studies. He attended the dance programs Dance Intensive at Tanzfabrik, Berlin, and Inside Movement at Tragant Dansa, Barcelona. He has complemented his dance and art education with workshops, readings and different self-organized learning contexts, building his own itinerary depending on his interests and drives.