Water Wheels

Germany / 2022 / Experimental / 01:00 min

It is a sound video miniature made of water moved by various interesting looking water wheels...
Saturday, 26.08. 20:00
Directors' Night

Film maker
Ebba Jahn

Ebba Jahn graduated from the Film and TV Academy Berlin (DFFB) and has worked as a 16 mm filmmaker and cinematographer Jazzfilm RISING TONES CROSS is her longest and most known music film. She moved to New York City from 1991 until 2010, where she a.o. studied towards a BA in Fine Arts. Back in Germany she participated in group exhibitions, made DVD productions, video installations, and was curator and organizer of the traveling art exhibition PAPER PAIRS with abstract artworks by 20 intl. artists including her own from 2017-2019. 2018 focus shifts to the creation of short video collages with original sound and improvised music, own and found footage, artworks, photos and poetic texts. Her experimental, musical, documentary- and poetic films are shown by film festivals, video programs and in art exhibitions. 2022 she bundled her latest video miniatures into a long film.