Bits + Pieces

Germany / 2022 / Poem, Experimental / 02:26 min

"Bits + Pieces" offers a contemplative exploration of the sensation of falling apart into fragments and the subsequent journey taken by these scattered elements carried by the wind. It ponders the idea that the wind possesses a superior knowledge of where to go, when to stay, and when to return to the origin. The short film delves into the themes of thoughts, longing, the wind, and the sea, finding resonance in the harbor and the ferry as symbolic representations of this yearning. Shot on 8mm black-and-white film and accompanied by text animations etched into 16mm black film leader, the film employs the technique of direct animation, a time-honored method in filmmaking. The narration, recorded using a dictaphone with mini cassettes, enhances the melancholic yet hopeful tone. Filmed in Hamburg, Germany, and Gothenburg, Sweden during the summer of 2022, "Bits + Pieces" takes viewers on a poignant journey of introspection.
Saturday, 26.08. 19:00
Block 13

Film maker
Lars Kemnitz

Lars Kemnitz (b 1988) is a visual artist and creative director based in Hamburg, Germany. Since he discovered his passion for photography at university in the late 2000s, he has continually been shaping and developing his own visual language and vision. Today he also experiments with the medium of film which seems natural as his fascination for cinema has always served as a major source of inspiration; it reflects in his work when he blends cinematic story-telling with fashion, documentary, and art influences to explore topics mostly dealing with the imaginative, the mystical, the cryptic, the suggestive and the subconscious.