So High

Germany / 2022 / Music Video / 04:32 min

While reading the comic of the legendary Republic of Bounce the tale of the most powerful weed plant in the world A-F-R-O gets sucked into the comic and finds himself on a journey to getting as high as never before. On his trip to the tree, he has to face powerful enemies and finds friends in unexpected ways.
Monday, 21.08. 20:00
Music Block

Film maker
Martin Fischer, Nico Dörle

Martin Fischer and Nico Dörle joined forces in mid-2017, initially collaborating on the production of commercial explainer videos, illustrations, and logo animations. Martin, an accomplished former musician associated with Long Distance Calling, brought his artistic expertise to the table, while Nico, a recent graduate in graphic design with a knack for animation, contributed his self-taught skills to the partnership. In addition to their commercial projects, Martin and Nico worked together on an animated music video for a mutual friend and artist, which served as a pivotal achievement in their collaboration. This successful venture opened doors for them to create commissioned music videos for well-known German artists, propelling them into the German music industry in 2020. The work of Overtoon Studios, their creative venture, is characterized by its dark, direct, and self-reflective style. Their artistic approach embraces a sense of rawness and irony, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms. Through their distinctive visual and narrative techniques, Martin and Nico have carved out a niche for themselves in the German music scene, leaving a lasting impact with their bold and thought-provoking creations.