Not All Men

Germany / 2022 / Musik Video / 03:40 min

The music video "Not All Men" is a powerful statement against sexism, homophobia, and violence. The band Lady Jesus, formed by director and guitarist Tosh Leykum and vocalist Claudia Ballerstedt, brings together their talents to deliver a captivating performance. The lyrics, penned by Ruby S. Zeugs, who is known for producing a queer radio play musical, are thought-provoking and contribute to the overall message of the song. The video features actors from the LGBT community, as well as musicians involved in the musical production. Despite limited resources, the video was created with the passion and collaboration of a dedicated team, making it a testament to the collective effort put into its creation.
Monday, 21.08. 19:00
Official Opening

Film maker
Tosh Leykum

For more than 15 years Tosh Leykum works as an independent film maker and video artist with a focus on live video projections combined with classical or contemporary music. In this context, co-operations with the Dusseldorf Symphonians, the WDR Radio Orchestra, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city Trier, as well as different ensembles came into being. Exhibitions in the City Council House of Wolfsburg were as much part of this as performances with live video projections at well-established places, for example, the State Opera House of Hanover. Tosh Leykum was responsible for the artistic management of “Project Together” which was staged at the Sprengel Museum Hanover. This project contained different interpretations of a composition by Isang Yun. Furthermore, he is a co-founder and member of the Svedish-German trio LST consisting of a soprano, guitar, and video. His videos have been recognized with awards and were shown at several international film festivals.