Spain / 2022 / Documentation / 09:27 min

Current farming methods lack sustainability and indirectly contribute to the increasing number of wildfires. Moreover, it is challenging for young Europeans to establish their own farming operations. These factors motivated Victor to adopt a nomadic lifestyle, following the footsteps of his ancestors, in raising his flock. Nomadic farming offers numerous benefits: it is cost-free, sustainable, and helps preserve the health of wild areas. However, much of the invaluable knowledge passed down orally through generations is now endangered, as the last shepherds are aging and written resources are scarce. Despite facing hardships such as drought, physical and mental exhaustion, loneliness, and depression, Victor finds compelling reasons to persist in this way of life.
Monday, 21.08. 19:00
Official Opening

Film maker
Andra Ion

Andra Ion is an award-winning director who’s films were selected in festivals in Canada and in Europe. She has a background in marketing, e-commerce and is a certified yoga instructor. After working for over 10 years in a corporate environment, she joined the Into Industry Program offered by OTOXO Productions and worked on the documentary Bicibus. The short documentary Arkadia (Toronto Alternative Film Festival Award winner for Best Short International Documentary) is her solo directorial debut.