Saving Kolobok

Russian Federation / 2022 / Comedy / 10:00 min

The theatre director I.P. Kolobkov is accused of staging a protest performance in a children's theater. Major Zaytsev tries to detain Kolobkov during the performance. The major's son is in the audience, therefore, in order to go on stage and catch Kolobok, he and other police officers are forced to put on bunny masks. Kolobok makes the police sing and dance until his girlfriend Lisa appears on the stage, and turns out to be the initiator of the allegations.
Saturday 02.July 18:00
Directors Block 1

Film maker
Zhanna Shmakova

Zhanna Shmakova was born on 05.01.1979 in Moscow, Russia. In 2016 graduated from Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) as a producer.