Ode to Coffee

Oda al Café

Germany / 2021 / Poetry / 03:00 min

A poetry film with a poem by Urayoán Noel, who recorded it himself while reading it for this video. Please see attached translingual Engl./Spanish text of "ode to coffee/oda al café".
Saturday 02.July 18:00
Directors Block 1

Film maker
Ebba Jahn

Ebba Jahn graduated from the Film and TV Academy Berlin, Germany (DFFB) and has worked as a 16 mm filmmaker and cinematographer, with Jazzfilm RISING TONES CROSS (111 min.)being the widest known one. She moved to New York City from 1991 until 2010, where she also studied again towards a BA in Fine Arts. 2019 focus shift to where it began - short film.


Filmmaker greetings: