Germany / 2020 / Documentary / 09:40 min

We testify about Heinrich Maus, who lives bedridden in his own house, thanks to a nurse about how he spent a day. We see how Heinrich Maus got sick and what changes happened in their lives afterwards. It is a fact that death can not be avoided at the end of the disease.
Saturday 02.July 18:00
Directors Block 1

Film maker
İlcan Edgar Özuluca

He was born in 1998 in Aachen, Germany. He lived there until he was 9 years old, then he moved to Gaziantep with his family. He completed his secondary and high school education here. He moved to Istanbul for his university education, now he is a final year Film Design student at Marmara University. He completed his Erasmus education at Rome University of Fine Arts in Italy in the third year spring semester.