Nepal's Menstrual Movement: Tackling Taboos

महिनावारी सम्बन्धि नेपालको अभियान : वर्जित मान्यतासँग सामना

Nepal / 2021 / Documentary / 08:44 min

Keki Adhikari is a well-known actress, model and film producer in her native Nepal. Since October 2020, she has a new role: as goodwill ambassador for menstrual health. Working with the GIZ-implemented Support to the Health Sector Programme (S2HSP) and the Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Partners Alliance (MHM PA), she is raising awareness about the challenges which women and girls in Nepal continue to face during their monthly periods. With more than 1.5 million followers on social media, Keki is in a powerful position to tackle the misconceptions and stigma which surround menstruation – and to advocate for dignified menstruation for all. In this 8-minute film – Keki Adhikari wants to find out how far Nepal has come in the fight against menstrual taboos and restrictions. She takes the viewer on a journey to the far west of the country where she visits a school and a village in a rural area to learn what has changed in girls’ and women’s daily lives – and what still needs to be done to ensure that every girl in Nepal can thrive during her period. The short film "Nepal’s Menstrual Movement" was produced with support from GIZ on behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Saturday 02.July 18:00
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Film maker
Rajin Maharjan

Rajin Maharjan, started his career as a visual editor/animator in 2010. He has a middle class humble origin and resides in Kathmandu. After a few years, as a visual editor/animator he started creative writing and directing ad films. This is where his ability flourished and in the span of over a decade he has written and directed over 100 television commercials, documentaries and PSAs. He has not only directed streamlined projects also has directed and produced quiz show "Career Quiz" for AP 1 HD in one of the national television of Nepal. As of now he is one of the sought after creative directors in Nepal especially in social development organizations.


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