Germany / 2021 / Music / 07:30 min

A highly sensitive composer battles with a deadline, herself, and a relentless opponent: the noise of the city.
Saturday 02.July 16:00
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Film maker
Elsa van Damke

Elsa Van Damke, born in Berlin in 1994 under the star sign of Pisces, has always been tiny and loud. She started directing at the Young Theatre of the Köpenick City Theatre, where she not only acted but also liked to direct colleagues at the same time. Since that wasn't her job there, she was fired and with the love of writing, she began a degree in journalism. After the third semester, that focussed on audiovisual media and filmmaking, she fell in love with the profession and switched to the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin to study audiovisual media and camera technology. There she has made image films, documentaries, music videos and short films and completed her directing internship at the famous Studio Babelsberg. Her thesis short film "OH SH*T!" is not only a declaration of love for menstruating, but also reflects the central themes of her art: feminism, intersectionality, breaking taboos and a principled questioning of privilege. Elsa received the award for best newcomer in directing at the Snowdance Independent Film Festival. Elsa cries as much as she laughs. She is actually fed up with the society and world in general, but can't stop fighting for the better either. She blames everything on her star sign, loves filler words, she hates the word „normal“, her favorite colour is fir green, and she prefers to eat raw minced meat.